GDPR Reaches the ‘Terrible Twos’

By Orla M. O’Hannaidh and Taylor Ey

We cannot believe that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just turned one.  And we know we are not alone — many of you have advised your clients on the GDPR, sat through a CLE on the GDPR or, at a minimum, googled “the GDPR” in the days and months leading up to its enforcement date of May 25, 2018.  After all, according to the European Commission, in May 2018 the GDPR was googled more times than Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. [1]

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Articles of Interest: Betting In the Bible Belt, Drones and ‘Cubnoxious’ Fans

Members of the Sports & Entertainment Law Section found the following recent third-party articles to be of potential interest to the Section:

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Why Ukraine and Other Post-Soviet Countries Need Mediation


By Frank Laney

Although mediation has strong societal values, mediation could be a very valuable and powerful tool to help the courts of Ukraine.  The Ukrainian court system is and has been going through a crisis.  Confidence in its fairness, objectivity, and impartiality is very low among Ukrainian citizens.  But at the same time, the courts are underfunded and overworked.  Many judges have more cases to handle and decide in a year than is humanly possible (over 350 cases per year per judge).  Although not a panacea, mediation may be helpful in building public confidence in the courts while also relieving the case load stress.  (Research in Maryland courts showed that in mediated cases the impression of the court’s fairness increased over cases that did not go to mediation.)

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Summer Reading: Who Was Tycho Brahe? Why Does It Matter?

A member offers his summer reading list for young lawyers. What would you add? Send your suggested summer reading for lawyers to, and we’ll share with NCBA members.

By James W. Narron

Edmund Burke once admonished us that “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” I was recently reminded of that aphorism and the simplicity and elegance of curiosity about things past, old things.

The latch mechanism on the front door of my home has opened and closed and locked that door since 1880. Symptomatic of advanced age, it had become slow and cranky. I was surprised one morning by a bolted assembly and a note telling me to use another door. Dwight Edwards, our friend and general contractor for many years was working on a project for my wife and me and had removed the lock assembly in its entirety and taken it to his shop. I saw him the following day as excited as a child with a new toy, all atwitter to explain to me the locking system used in the 1870s, how it compared to those of today, and what welding and brazing and fabricating he had done the previous evening to make the lock of our ancestors work for us and our posterity.

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Join Us At Our Inaugural Lunch & Learn On Friday, June 14

By Gregg F. Schwitzgebel III

Fellow Appellate Practice Section members─

I’m writing in regard to a few upcoming events in the life of our section.

First and foremost, I’m writing to invite you, and your colleagues and friends, to our Section’s first-ever Lunch & Learn, beginning at noon Friday, June 14 at the NC Bar Center in Cary.  The program is entitled “Epilogue to a 2019 SCOTUS Oral Argument- N.C. Dept. of Revenue v. Kaestner 1992 Family Tr. (No. 18-457)” and features North Carolina Solicitor General Matt Sawchak and Drew Erteschik, Vice Chair of the Appellate Rules Committee.

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Paralegal Spotlight On Rachel Royal

Q: Name, position title and/or major duties:

A. Rachel Royal, paralegal for the attorney who represents the Wilmington City Police and Fire Departments and the attorney who handles all litigation and employment claims for the city. Royal also performs research and prepares presentations for proposals to city council for amendments to city ordinances.

Q: Firm or corporation/location:

A: Wilmington, N.C. City Attorney’s Office.

Q: Brief background of education, certification, etc.?

A: Royal was homeschooled and graduated with a high school diploma in 2006. She attended Carteret Community College 2015-2017 and graduated with honors with an Associate Degree of Applied Science in Paralegal Technology. She also received the Paralegal Graduate of the Year Award upon graduation. During her time at Carteret Community College, she was the president of the National Society of Leadership and Success for one year and the fundraising co-chair for one year.

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April Harris-Britt On Choosing Self-Care

This year’s NCBA Annual Meeting theme is wellness and how legal professionals can achieve it. In preparation for the event, we talked with speakers scheduled to present at Annual Meeting for a series of quick-read Q&As, including Jeena Cho, Stan Phelps, and Laura Mahr. Admission to all speaker presentations, including those for CLE credit, is included in registration.

NCBA Annual Meeting 2019
April Harris-Britt on Choosing Wellness for your Mind, Body and Best Life as an Attorney
Friday, June 21
1.0 hr of CLE credit
Find more details about Annual Meeting and registration here.

By Amber Nimocks

April Harris-Britt is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Durham. Her work has been featured on CNN, in Newsweek, on local television and radio news programs, and in the New York Times Bestseller, “NurtureShock.” She has held several board and committee positions for the NC Psychological Association (NCPA) and the American Psychological Association (APA). She received her doctorate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Harris-Britt will present on “Choosing Wellness for your Mind, Body and Best Life as an Attorney.” Harris-Britt’s presentation will describe the unique challenges and factors that contribute to anxiety, depression and increased stress amongst attorneys. There will be an emphasis on the importance of, and ways to, purposely choose a self-care plan that optimizes mental, physical and overall well-being.

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Keynote Speaker Stan Phelps On Empathy, Wellness and Millennials

This year’s NCBA Annual Meeting theme is wellness and how legal professionals can achieve it. In preparation for the event, we talked with speakers scheduled to present at Annual Meeting for a series of quick-read Q&As. Click here for Q&As with Annual Meeting speakers Laura MahrJeena Cho and April Harris-Britt. Admission to all speaker presentations, including those for CLE credit, is included in registration.

NCBA Annual Meeting 2019
Stan Phelps on Embracing Wellness
Friday, June 21
Find more details about Annual Meeting and registration here.

By Amber Nimocks

Stan Phelps’ Goldfish book series focuses on strategies to help businesses to drive differentiation, increase loyalty, and promote positive word of mouth. Phelps, who lives in Cary, is a TEDx Speaker, Forbes Contributor, and IBM Futurist and his career has included marketing leadership roles with Adidas, International Management Group, PGA of America and Synergy.

In his opening keynote, Phelps will make the case for investing in health and wellness programs for work and life and share the unique challenges that Millennials/Gen Z face with the issue. Phelps holds a JD/MBA from Villanova University.

Q: At the center of your books is the idea that brands can set themselves apart by doing the little extra things. How does that idea relate to wellness?

A: Employee engagement is vital to the growth of an organization. Companies with an engaged team grow three times faster than the competition. Wellness is a key building block of engagement and smart organizations will have numerous programs to promote a healthy working environment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. It’s about doing the little things to connect with employees.

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Pro Bono Options To Fit Your Needs

By Skye David

Over the past several months, the Pro Bono Committee of the Government and Public Sector Section has been working with the NCBA Pro Bono Committee to establish pro bono projects for the Government and Public Sector Section, with a variety of options to fit each member’s needs and availability. As a committee, we have established four projects to offer the Section members to consider:

Drivers License Restoration Government & Public Sector Attorney Pro Bono Event

3-6:30 p.m., Thursday, June 6
State Employees Association, 1621 Midtown Place, Raleigh 27609
The Event: Under North Carolina law, people who fail to appear in court to resolve a traffic ticket or fail to pay traffic or criminal court debt is subjected to an indefinite suspension of their drivers license, regardless of whether it is their first ticket or first time failing to resolve a ticket.

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NLRB General Counsel Says Uber Drivers Aren’t ‘Employees’ For Labor Law Purposes

By Robin Shea

Last week, the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board publicly released an Advice Memorandum saying that Uber drivers are not “employees” with protections under the National Labor Relations Act.

The memorandum, issued on April 16, indicates possibly tougher times for all workers in the gig economy.

The General Counsel concluded that Uber drivers operating under the arrangements in place during most of 2015 and part of 2016 were independent contractors, not employees, which means that they had no rights under the NLRA.

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