YLD Member Perspective: A Holistic Approach to Hiring


By Kayla Britt

I flunked out of law school in 2014. Now, in 2020, I’m a licensed attorney and a law clerk to the Honorable Reuben F. Young on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The story of how I got to where I am today is significant and life-changing.

We are more than our setbacks. Those of us who have faced a perceived “failure,” including those who have been academically dismissed or had to sit for the bar exam more than once, should stand just as much of a chance as those who did not. “Qualifications” are extremely important, but seeing a person as more than a resume is important, too.

North Carolina Central University School of Law gave me not one but two chances to achieve my dreams. During my 1L year, I did the required reading and prepared to respond to cold calls, but I did not study effectively for exams. I worked hard but not smart, and I was ultimately dismissed. When I was readmitted to law school in 2016, I was so focused on my grades that I did not build my resume by becoming involved in many student organizations or other extracurricular activities. When it was time to apply for post-graduation jobs, I was just an average candidate, but that did not stop Judge Young from giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. In one hiring decision, he changed the whole trajectory of my career.

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Ketan Soni Presents “The New Community Platform”


By Ketan Soni

What You Need to Know About the New Community Platform

This year, the NCBA has switched to a new online community platform. This new community platform for Sections, Divisions and Councils offers many more features than the previous system. Below is a summary of the basics and what you need to know to utilize this platform and its features.

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North Carolina Court System Launches Free, Online Document Preparation Tool


By Alicia Mitchell-Mercer

The North Carolina Court System has launched a free, online document preparation tool that is available for self-represented litigants, paralegals, and attorneys.

Guide & File Logo

The North Carolina Judicial Branch has announced the launch of eCourts Guide & File, a new service that allows attorneys and the public to prepare court documents online in just a few easy steps. With free, 24/7 online access and easy-to-understand interview questions, Guide & File will eliminate barriers and simplify the legal process, particularly for the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who come to court without an attorney every year.

“North Carolina’s courts must be available to everyone who needs them. No one should feel locked out by complicated forms and processes that are difficult to understand, particularly when one cannot afford an attorney,” said Chief Justice Cheri Beasley. “Guide & File is another way that we are making our court system more efficient, more equitable and more accessible.”

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