One-Member Wonders: NCBA Attorneys In Far-Flung Counties Are Never Alone

By Russell Rawlings

Our monthly reports at the N.C. Bar Center provide a wealth of information about the members of the North Carolina Bar Association. We can see how many lawyers, law students, paralegals and paralegal students comprise our membership, as well as how many members are participating in each of our sections and divisions.

The reports also reveal how many members hail from each of North Carolina’s 100 counties. There are thousands in Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, Mecklenburg and Wake counties, and more than a hundred members in each of 13 additional counties.

Another important number also stood out in a recent membership report for Gates, Graham and Tyrrell counties: one. That’s right – in each of those counties, we had one member, each of whom has a story to tell about their lives, their careers, and their reasons for being members of the North Carolina Bar Association.

Please allow me to introduce them.

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ABA TECHSHOW 2019 NCBA Member Discount and Some Marketing Tips

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North Carolina Bar Association Members Get $150 Off Standard Registration

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Join the NCBA Privacy & Data Security Section To Stay Up On This Evolving Field

We are pleased to announce the formation of the NCBA Privacy and Data Security Section.  Privacy and data security issues are constantly evolving, which makes this field uniquely suited to collaboration and information sharing. Further demonstrating its importance, in November 2018, the N.C. State Bar recognized its first class of privacy law specialists.  Even if your practice does not focus specifically on privacy and data security, join us to stay informed as to the latest trends and developments that may affect your clients. The new Section, which we anticipate will be formally recognized by the NCBA starting in July 2019, is open for registration here.

For more on the Section’s mission, read Chair Alex Pearce’s inaugural blog post.